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Knipex began in 1882, when the founder, Carl Gustav Putsch, started up a forge for making pliers in Cronenberg. By 1914, the company had grown in reputation for its tools and employed seven people. Today, Knipex has a worldwide roster of around 1,500 staff members. In its updated Wuppertal-Cronenberg plant, in the region of 40,000 pairs of pliers are manufactured each year for markets in over 100 different countries. The company also makes a range of specialist pliers designed specifically for the automotive, electrical and plumbing sectors. Overall, the business is engaged with the design and manufacturing of around 1,640 separate articles. Knipex is focussed on its use of energy and produces information about how much CO2 is used per pair of pliers that it makes. Since 2009, it has done this systematically and all of their hand tooling production work is now undertaken with an energy management system that complies with DIN EN ISO 50001. As well as gripping pliers and wire strippers, much used in the electrical engineering industry, Knipex makes precision tweezers, pipe wrenches and carpenters' pincers. For data communications engineers, the company also produces cable connectors, crimping pliers, cable shearing tools and general tool kits. Other accessories include items such as engineers' cases, personal protection equipment and control cabinet keys.


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