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The Jumo company was founded in 1948 by Moritz Kurt Juchheim, who continued his father’s commercial interest in producing high-quality precision measuring instruments. Now a multinational group based in Fulda, Germany, Jumo has kept pace with technological innovation and produces an extensive range of industrial sensor and automation technology products. These components support the processing needs of numerous industries such as food and beverage, heating and air-conditioning, renewable energy technologies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and water and wastewater. Jumo products in stock cover most sensor types, including the control and recording of temperature, pressure, pH, Redox and conductivity. Automation solutions include both wired and wireless configurable smart controllers, which feature touchscreen operation and flexible modular construction, and some with Internet connectivity. Temperature control products can be supplied in a variety of sizes, including miniature units. These will operate efficiently under environmental conditions ranging from -25 C up to +85 C and offer various scale measurements (up to a maximum of 400 C) to suit different applications. Both absolute and ambient-reference gauge pressure sensors are available. The majority of these provide digital data, with the most common voltage output range being 4–20 mA.


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