Hand saws are tools designed to cut through a material, most often wood, although it is also possible to use them to cut through sheet metal and plastics. Saws have been used for thousands of years: saws with blades made of bronze were used in Ancient Egypt. Saws consist of a tough metal blade with a jagged edge, and a handle made of a different material, usually a robust plastic. When cutting through a plank of wood with a saw, it is important to move the saw to and fro, and to apply more force when driving the saw forward and less when pulling it back. There are many different types of hand saw. Variants include back saws, which are saws with very thin blades, bow saws - a type of saw held in a frame for tension, slitting saws, tenon saws, trim saws and Japanese band saws - very thin-bladed saws that cut when they are pulled. Distrelec supplies many types of saws from reputable manufacturers, such as Bahco, C.K. Tools, Donau and Facom. There are high-quality saws to meet all requirements, with varying blade lengths - from 150mm to 760mm, and numbers of teeth per inch ranging from six to 51. Mitre boxes are also supplied by Distrelec.