Current clamp meters are devices used to measure an electrical current in a conductor, without making physical contact. They are small, handheld instruments and are useful when dealing with wires in tight and compact spaces, behind hard to reach panels, or with extra-large conductors. Distrelec supplies a wide range of current clamp meters and similar instruments, such as leakage clamp meters, power clamp meters, earth clamp meters and flexible current probes. Distrelec offers devices that have been specifically designed to be quiet, simple to use and highly accurate. Some clamp meters are able to share results with wireless test tools. Take a reading, send it remotely to a master unit, and measurement data can be sent to a smartphone and can be shared with others at a later date. Distrelec offers current clamp meters from many manufacturers, including Fluke, Amprobe, FLIR, Metrix and PeakTech. Choose from models to suit all needs, with ergonomic designs that make it easy to read currents, even in the tightest of spaces. Digital clamp meters are available in a wide range of models, from the small to the more robust and rugged that are ideal for industrial and utility applications. Distrelec current clamp meters combine flexibility and usability with high levels of performance.