Soldering Irons & Accessories

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The importance of soldering cannot be overstated. It is an acquired skill requiring practice and a steady hand, but top-quality results are only achievable by using the most appropriate tools. Soldering stations and rework/desoldering stations are the usual fixed workshop solutions but there is also a frequent need for a standalone soldering iron. The mains-powered soldering iron is the most familiar and these are available in various powers. Models are also available for non-electric hobby uses, such as pyrography. Gas soldering irons offer excellent portability, and although some are simply miniature gas torches, many are hot-air tools featuring specialised nozzles. Rechargeable soldering irons offer the functionality of mains-powered versions but without the nuisance of a trailing cord, with various recharging options. It is even possible to use soldering irons powered by simple consumer batteries, or in some cases, power can be obtained by clipping an unpowered soldering iron directly to a battery, such as a car battery. Standalone soldering irons enable soldering to be carried out anywhere, and by selecting appropriate soldering iron tips/nozzles, top-quality results can be achieved in any situation.