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Notes on copyright

For editorial purposes, it is allowed to download the entire range of Distrelec images, logos and press material. The usage rights belong to Distrelec Group AG or to the person named and remain fully valid, even if the logos or pictures are copied into an archive. 

It is free of charge to print or to publish a Distrelec image or logo. We appreciate if you note “Distrelec” as source. We kindly ask the print media for a copy of a publication which includes Distrelec images or logos and the electronic media for a brief notification to be send to:

Distrelec Group AG
Orlagh Bibby
Marketing Operations Manager
7th Floor, 2 St Peter's Square
M2 3AA
Tel: +44 161 804 3161

Elfa Distrelec corporate logo


Elfa-Distrelec-logo-CMYK.eps (Download in ZIP format)