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Phoenix Contact CAPAROC – A customizable modular circuit breaker system.

CAPAROC is your individual modular system for overcurrent protection. With versatile combination options, easy operation, and rapid design-in, a fully tailored benchmark in device protection. Using this system, you are perfectly positioned for the future.


  • Customizable: a wide range of individual modules and combination options.
  • Modular: the system can be extended or remodelled at any time.
  • No down time: modules can be removed or added during operation.
  • Future proof: an originally simple solution can quickly be upgraded to create an intelligent solution.
  • Plug and Play: can be pre-assembled tool-free and installed to the control cabinet in one block.


  1. Machine building and systems manufacturing
    • CAPAROC circuit breaker’s systematic approach means that rapid error localization and short-term adjustments in the process are no longer overly challenging.
    • High degree of flexibility as each circuit breaker’s channel can be set individually.
    • CAPAROC’s future proof design allows the entire circuit breaker system to be easily extended.
  2. Automotive industry
    • Digitalization in production plants is continuing to advance, CAPAROC’s intuitive system provides a constant overview of the status of your system.
    • Potential sources of interference can be identified in advance and eliminated proactively.
    • Downtimes can be kept to a minimum, allowing uninterrupted production sequences.
  3. Process industry
    • The CAPAROC circuit breaker system enables system downtimes to be prevented in highly complex process plants. Thus satisfying the growing demands on system availability and flexibility.
    • The controller functions allow loads to be switched on and off and it’s also possible to reset a channel that has tripped. This eliminates the need for on-site maintenance if no ongoing fault has occurred.
    • The circuit breaker system products have been tested and approved in accordance with a comprehensive range of the latest approvals, and further approvals will be added in the future.

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