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UNI-T offers robust and high-quality test and measurement solutions, such as digital multimeters, installation testers, oscilloscopes, data loggers, electrical testing equipment and other electrical devices. UNI-T's digital multimeters are noted for their high accuracy and robustness. These devices offer several advanced features, such as lowpass filtering, high-quality LCD display and automatic turn-off. They sport excellent form factors and come bundled with accessories such as Li-On battery and carrying case. Insulation testers are supplied in various ranges, each offering advanced features such as auto discharge, data storage, high voltage indication and more. Oscilloscopes are available in bench and handheld models. The Ultra Phosphor Oscilloscope series packs in not just the conventional oscilloscope signal testing and analysis functionality, but also advanced functionality, including waveform recording and playback analysis, and serial bus triggering and decoding functionality. It offers a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz. Among electrical testing equipment, the voltage and continuity testers measure AC/DV voltage, offer phase-position indication of three-phase AC systems and facilitate continuity testing. UNI-T products have the backing of intense research and development, as evident from the high level of quality and practical nature of the devices.


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