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Headquartered in Dallas, Texas Instruments Inc. was founded in 1951 but its predecessor had been trading since 1930. A U.S. technology company, it is well-known for the design and manufacture of semiconductors, analogue chips and embedded processors. With a global reach for these components, it is ranked as being among the top ten of semiconductor producers worldwide, measured by sales volume. The company is also a digital light processing technology business and it has produced some famous educational technology gadgets over the years. These have included handheld calculators and microcontrollers. An innovating business, Texas Instruments holds in the region of 43,000 patents around the world. As well as a huge array of analogue circuits among its portfolio, which includes trigger circuits, data converters, sensor circuits, optoelectronic drivers, HF circuits and interface circuits, the company makes power management products. These include voltage regulators, current sense amplifiers, PoE ICs and DC/DC converters, among others. Texas Instruments is also a manufacturer of digital logic devices such as dual gates and logic translators. The business acquired National Semiconductor, a company focussed on analogue technology products, in 2011. After the buy-out, the combined portfolios of both businesses included some 45,000 analogue components and design tools, making it the biggest producer of analogue technology parts globally.


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