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Part of the Beiersdorf group, Tesa Electronics produces specially designed tapes for industrial, electrical and electronic manufacturing and engineering use - especially bonding and insulating tasks. The first technical adhesive tape was developed in 1890 by a German pharmacist who had been working on sticking plasters. At the time, a product that irritated skin was found to have excellent adhesive properties: this became the forerunner of the present day range of Tesa technical tape solutions. The company now has research sites in Germany, Asia and the U.S.A. In 2011, an ultra-modern production plant was opened in Hamburg to produce double-sided tape, including ACX ultra-adhesive for fixing, repairing and protecting. Electrical tape is designed for insulation, cable management, organising wiring harnesses and tidying up repairs. In Tesa laboratories, technical staff and engineers work with customers during R&D to ensure safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions. Tesa PET tapes are ideal for mounting and laminating, whereas HAF (heat activated) tapes offer superior bonding and resistance to aging. Dimensions, adhesive and temperature characteristics and full product information are included in individual product data sheets. Other Tesa products include packaging tape and anti-slip tape to enhance safety in handling areas with painted concrete floors, or to stabilise mats and rugs in tiled areas.


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