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Sievi was first conceived by Sievin Jalkine in the 1950s. Based in Finland, it started as a small cobbler’s workshop and by the end of the 1950s it had grown into a major industrial plant. During the 1970s, occupational safety became prominent and Sievi invested heavily in R&D to begin production in safety footwear for the workplace. They then began exporting to numerous markets, including Denmark, Canada and the U.K. Since that point the company has expanded, increasing its workforce to more than 500, and developing markets across continental Europe. Sievi specialise in safety footwear and manufacture a wide range of products, designed for every workplace. The variety is considerable and varies from sandals with antistatic soles to clogs. More traditional options are also available, including trainer-based safety shoes with composite safety toe caps and micro-porous soles for increased comfort. Uppers can be specified in leather and/or synthetic materials with a 3D – dry lining for inclement conditions. There is also a range of formal shoes available, along with trainer boots and socks. The whole collection of Sievi footwear is available in a full range of sizes.


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