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PB Swiss Tools is a company engaged in the manufacture of high-quality hand tools for use in industry and medicine. A unique feature is that each tool has its own serial number and has a lifetime warranty. The company was formed in 1878 to manufacture agricultural equipment, and in 1940 it began manufacturing hand tools that are now distributed worldwide. The company's head office is in Bern, and all tools are manufactured in Switzerland. PB Swiss Tools have the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification as well as ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification. The diversity of the company's hand tools is illustrated by the range of screwdrivers that are available, with lengths from 75 mm to 290 mm and for a multitude of heads including slotted, Phillips and TORX screws as well as hexagonal nuts. Similarly, the selection of hex keys covers almost every conceivable size, shape and form of hex key designed to meet diverse requirements. Striking tools include engineers' hammers, punch tools and chisels as well as a set of special tools for unusual applications.


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