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Though its roots in domestic electrical products stretch back further, the E.G.O. company was founded in Oberderdingen, Germany, in 1931. Today’s modern company supplies a global market with heating and appliance switching and control components for domestic consumers, as well as products developed for the medical, building technology and automotive sectors. E.G.O. now has a sales presence in 16 countries and employs a total of 5,800 people. With its range of over 20,000 products and 100 product families, the E.G.O. company’s expertise in the use and control of thermal energy is widely acknowledged, as is its contribution to developing fields such as bio-technology, medical technology and the chemical industry. A range of E.G.O. thermostats is held in stock. These capillary-action designs permit remote temperature control in appliances such as walk-in freezer units. Operating temperatures are from -20 to +150 degrees Centigrade with both single and three-phase settings, switching hysteris configurations from 1.5 – 6 K, and switching capacities of 10 A@ 400 VAC and 16 A@ 250 VAC. Boiler thermostats can also be supplied, with typical specifications offering temperature adjustments from 30 – 85 degrees Centigrade and three-phase control.


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