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A specialist manufacturing business focussed on modern ventilation systems, Maico is involved in many areas of innovative technology development to produce high-quality products. A family-owned company of long standing, Maico Ventilatoren, to give it its full name, concentrates on the development and manufacturing of fans and components for the industrial ventilation sector. It produces engineering solutions and domestic ventilation systems. Ever since 1928, the German business has been a supplier to building management companies, and more recently, to firms requiring cooling devices to efficiently run their server rooms and related technology. Maico currently makes in excess of 1,600 separate products and components. Now an international enterprise, it has over 200 employees who are based in sites in many countries around the globe. As well as its much-admired fans, Maico manufactures accessories for blowers, such as vent covers, flaps and flexible tubing. The business is also engaged in the production of time-delay devices and speed controlling units. The company has manufacturing procedures in place and has been certified to meet the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001 for over three decades. Over its long history, Maico has produced in the region of ten million fans, many of them destined for industrial applications, such as its axial wall-mounted fan units.


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