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In 1955, Anthony Maglica founded a one-man machine shop company known as Mag Instrument, in Los Angeles, California. His famous flashlight was developed in 1979 and soon became a favourite tool for police, firefighters and mechanics, who valued the rugged, durable and reliable qualities of this new torch. In its classic form, this torch was built from anodized 6061 aluminium with a variable-focus beam and used krypton or xenon incandescent bulbs. Today, Mag-Lite torches are sold all over the world and the company employ a workforce of 800 people. A broad range of Mag-Lite products can be supplied, with torches available in many colours (e.g. black, silver, blue, red, green, purple and gold) and a choice of finishes. Contemporary models are typically splashproof and use LED bulbs. Model specifications vary, with handheld battery-operated torches offering a brightness of between 21 and 625 lumens, and various beam patterns illuminating distances of up to 588 metres. These torches weigh anything from 24g up to 748g and vary in length from 81 – 313mm. Some flashlights come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and a range of Mag-Lite accessories can also be supplied.


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