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Maagtechnic is a long-established company, active in technical product manufacturing. It has been part of the international ERIKS Group since 2014. Based in Switzerland, the group has in the region of 200,000 industrial and professional clients. With more than 680,000 stock items across the group, it handles around five million orders each year. As a group, the business has over 8,000 employees and operates in 28 countries. In the field of electronic components and engineering, Maagtechnic is well known as a producer of screws and dowels as well as O-ring and shaft seal products. The brand has a well-deserved reputation as a maker of high-quality machine components, as well as offering a number of innovative component design services. In common with the rest of the group's approach to corporate social responsibility, Maagtechnic aims to support the sustainability objectives of its customers by bringing its research and development expertise to bear with all of its product innovations. This philosophy extends to each of its product groups, which includes elastomer technology, as used in anti-vibration devices. Maagtechnic is also a maker of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, flange seals and support rings. In drive technology, it produces products that operate as gas springs, electromechanical drives and rolling bearings. The company also makes hydraulic piping elements and other industrial hydraulic devices.


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