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A North American company with a worldwide presence, Lutron is a technology-centred lighting and electrical business with a history of significant growth and product innovations since it began in the late 1950s. Founded by Joel Spira in New York City, the business was originally the leading manufacturer of solid-state devices that allowed people to alter the intensity of their electric lights. Lutron developed the dimming control system now commonplace in offices, homes and industrial settings, for mass consumption. Since the solid-state dimmer was first launched, Lutron has gone on to register no less than 2,700 patents. The company's lighting control devices range from individual dimmers to complete lighting management systems that can be used to fully control entire buildings and complexes. Lutron is also well-regarded for its power test instrumentation and other products used by professionals, such as multimeters and current clamps. The business is also engaged with the production of measuring devices of all kinds, such as lux meters, water quality meters and tachometers. It is a maker of pH measuring instruments, as well. With its headquarters in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, Lutron has offices all over the globe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin, as well as Sao Paulo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo and Shanghai.


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