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Linak Group has its headquarters in Guderup, Denmark, in a development that spans over 38,000 square metres of production facilities. Now a truly international business, the organisation was founded in 1907 by Bent Jensen. Today, Linak employs in the region of 2,000 staff members in 35 countries. Comprised of four separate divisions, the group is organised into individual business units focussed on their particular market sectors: healthcare, offices, technical and domestic. Principally associated with the production of linear drives and actuators, the business manufactures in excess of 7,000 components and finished products. The company makes standard products, but about four-fifths of its production is given over to bespoke and customised technologies. Linak is well regarded for its high-quality actuators, which are designed for a long life, with little or no maintenance being required. Their linear actuator products are often integrated into sophisticated control and automation systems, offering precise position feedback for a high degree of control. The business also produces a number of dual actuators, designed to be small and offering a low level of noise when in operation. Linak also makes a number of lifting columns, control boxes and controller consoles. In addition, it manufactures accessories for its ranges, such as battery packs, DC connectors and DIN connector junction boxes.


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