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Established for over seven decades, Lemo is a connector manufacturer for both electronic and fibre optic systems. Based in Switzerland, the business is a specialist in push-pull connectors. Lemo serves the needs of many industrial sectors, including healthcare, heavy industry, audiovisual manufacturers and telecommunications companies, to name but a few. Named after the enterprise's founder, Léon Mouttet, Lemo is mostly associated with its breakthrough, self-latching circular connectors, which it first launched onto the market in the late 1950s. The company's quality management systems meet the requirements that enable it to be ISO 13485 accredited. Furthermore, Lemo has been ISO 9001 certificated for the design, manufacture and distribution of its connector products, as well as its cable assembly systems, for a number of years. The company makes a huge variety of connectors, such as its low voltage connector range, miniature connectors and plastic connectors. In addition, Lemo manufactures a range of harsh environment connectors that are designed for robust field use. As well as accessories, media converters and DIN-standard connectors, the company is engaged with producing a number of coaxial connecting products. It also makes connectors that are suited to the demands of high voltage applications. Finally, Lemo has designed hybrid connectors that are capable of carrying fibre optics alongside electrical applications in a single system.


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