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The Kübler Group is a German, family-owned business that started operations in 1960. The company's focus is on the design and manufacture of position and motion sensors for industrial applications. To this end, the company invests significant resources in its quest to introduce innovative sensor solutions. Kübler's manufacturing operations subscribe to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, and its high-quality products undergo a 100 percent inspection and test before despatch. The company has adopted the Kaizen method of lean manufacturing to reduce waste and increase productivity. Kübler's precision rotary encoders are designed for high-speed operation under harsh conditions. Depending upon the model, units can operate at 12,000 RPM while withstanding significant axial and radial loads, and a wide range of pulse output frequencies is available. Other applications of sensor technology include the company's draw wire position sensors, which are accurate to within 0.1 percent, and acceleration sensors. The company also manufactures a range of pulse counters and meters designed for batch counting, recording operating cycles and for summation purposes. Models available include electromechanical devices and programmable electronic counters. Kübler also manufactures a comprehensive range of controllers designed for temperature measurement and control, process control and for strain gauge measurement.


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