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Based in the Netherlands, König has over 25 years of experience in the wholesale consumer electronics industry. This Dutch supplier offers a broad catalogue of technology products for modern lifestyles and diverse applications, ranging from the office to retail, education, security and healthcare. The company focuses on competitive prices, new ideas and the same high quality as always, with its motto "Your world, our technology." Konig electronics products include computer network, telephone and audio cables, along with a comprehensive choice of connectors and adapters. Technical crews for live conference events or performances from musicians and bands will appreciate the robust guitar, speaker and XLR monocables, which come in a variety of lengths and are sturdy enough for touring. Other product lines include entertainment systems, games console accessories and hi-fi speakers, headsets and microphones for PCs, along with replacement chargers and accessories for smartphones and other mobiles. To protect property, Koenig building security systems and video solutions include network cameras and battery-powered infrared motion sensors. Alarm system components with powerful sirens rated at up to 130dB also feature separate remote controls and preset exit and entrance delays. Finally, if used in conjunction with a security system, dummy cameras and sensors can also be a visible and cost-effective additional deterrent.


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