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Kensington forms part of ACCO Brands. The company has its headquarters in San Mateo, California and specialises in making mobile computing more productive through innovative, award-winning laptop accessories and peripherals, including mice, keyboards and optical trackballs. As well as promoting ease of use through ergonomic design, Kensington manufactures computer security products featuring the highest engineering quality and compatibility with different brands. When travelling or leaving a device unattended, Kensington security mounts and locks provide physical protection against theft. Securing your computer with a Kensington combination cable or lock and key is a powerful anti-theft deterrent. A leader in security devices for desktop and portable computers, Kensington laptop locks are trusted by organisations worldwide; the company places great importance in attention to detail and providing the technical support required by business professionals around the globe. Alternatively, Kensington accessories for laptops, notebooks and e-readers include backpacks, docking stations and rugged tablet cases. In office working environments, USB hubs enable the straightforward connection of multiple peripherals, while KVM switches enable the sharing of video feeds to larger monitors without inconvenient, repeated cable changes.


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