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A German manufacturing business, Kemo Electronic is a producer of electrical components and products. It makes a number of educational products, including sirens, sound controllers, sensor control PCBs and displays. In addition, the company produces a wide variety of components for the professional electrical industry. For example, Kemo makes power controllers, time switches, solar chargers, stepper motors, light emitting diodes and console cases. It also manufactures a range of transformer and dimming control products, such as DC/DC converters, power supplies and relay cards. Among its product ranges are those specifically designed for the domestic market. These include items such as impulse switches, which are designed to improve locking mechanisms for home security, and infrared spotlights that can be used with home-based CCTV cameras. Kemo Electronic also makes water level sensors, motorbike alarms, soil humidity sensors and animal repelling products. It also has a range of "light and sound" products, which includes its piezo tweeters, used in audio playback systems, and ultrasonic wall loudspeakers. Another range is entirely dedicated to electronics for cars. Kemo Electronic is a family-owned enterprise that has been trading for over thirty years. All of its electronic kits and modules are manufactured to a high standard and are tested before leaving the company's production facility.


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