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A worldwide brand that is primarily associated with products and services in the field of industrial heating technology, Kanthal is part of the Sandvik group of companies. A manufacturer of resistance heating materials, it is also a producer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys. Its products are designed to be durable enough to last in demanding industrial environments. For example, their components and wire products are frequently found in mechanisms specifically designed for industrial heating systems, where they have to withstand many temperature changes. Employing in the region of 6,500 people, Kanthal produces a number of strip, wire and heating technology products. Some of its furnace products are made from leading heat-resistant materials, while it utilises stainless steel and specially designed alloy and titanium – along with other advanced materials – for its products. Along with resistor wire, which comes in a variety of resistance capacities, Kanthal produces a number of thermocouple products, such as compensating cables, flat ribbon wire, thermopiles and electrical connectors. It also has a number of ceramic supporting materials that are made for holding electrothermal components securely.


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