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Launched in 1949 as a small electrical shop, the Jokari company founded in Herbern, Germany, by master electrician Josef Krampe, has grown to become a large family-owned business that trades internationally. The business discovered its major focus in 1963 when Josef Krampe invented his now-famous Jokari cable knife for stripping the newly introduced plastic-sheath cabling, rapidly, accurately and safely. Electrical wiring has since evolved into a useful but complex family of products, and Jokari has continuously adapted its wire-stripping tools to keep pace with new demands. Jokari’s product range has around 80 different kinds of stripping tool, and the company has compiled an extensive cable database, which allows electricians to trace cable-related data and select the correct electrical tool. This facility also covers specialist cable products such as fibre-optic solutions and outdoor solar cables. Jokari tools available from stock include stripping pliers, a pocket-sized stripping tool with razor-sharp blades at each end, and a handy dismantling tool for fast extraction of electrical installation cabling. Jokari’s precision-built tools offer precise strip values from as small as 0.2mm up to larger 28mm diameter cable sheathing, and will also ensure cables are installed damage-free.


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