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Founded in 1968, Intel is based in Santa Clara, California. This major American multinational technology manufacturer is well known for inventing the x86 microprocessor range and has become one of the world’s most valuable brands. Nowadays, Intel manufactures and distributes processors, flash memory, network expansion cards and Ethernet adapters for leading manufacturers. Tried and tested Intel Pentium processors offer high performance in tablets, laptops and desktop computers, with flexible Windows multitasking at a cost-effective price. Currently, Intel is rolling out new graphics drivers, in addition to the latest Bay Trail, Cedarview, Haswell, Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors. The seventh generation of core processors will enable the thinnest Intel Inside laptops yet, while the new Xeon PHI Intel processor features integrated architecture and excellent performance. Intel has recently developed the first ten-core processor for impressively powerful desktop PCs. The company also produces hard disks, SSD and RAM replacement integrated circuit chips, as well as the latest expansion cards with fibre ports for faster data transfer. Finally, Intel digital circuits and development tools include single-board computers.


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