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Founded in 1916, Ideal Networks is now a leading company that is engaged with both electrical installations and testing equipment. The business is also heavily involved in data communications installations and has many products that are designed for testing these networks. As well as its hand tools and electrical testing devices, Ideal Networks produces a number of LAN measuring instruments, which are designed to produce verified results over a number of network types, such as RJ45, BNC and coaxial. In addition, the company produces some fibre optic testing equipment, which can be used over various wavelengths, from 650 nm to 1550 nm, as required. Their data cable testing range includes copper and fibre testers for cable verification, as well as Ethernet transmission testing products. Their testing equipment is designed to allow field engineers to diagnose network connectivity issues, such as faulty IP configuration and network bandwidth limitations, with a single device. Based in Illinois, USA, Ideal Networks has a development centre and a technical support division in the UK, as well as offices in Germany, France, China and India, among others.


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