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ICE Italy (formerly ICE Milan) is based in the Province of Pavia in Northern Italy, and has been designing, manufacturing and servicing precision measuring equipment for use in electronics applications since 1950. While primarily a provider of equipment for the electronics research and development industry, ICE Italy's durable and relatively inexpensive products are also popular within the educational sector and among amateur electronics enthusiasts and electronics servicing and repair professionals. The company's handheld devices are particularly well-regarded on account of their ease of use and reliably precise measuring capabilities. Measuring instruments manufactured by ICE Italy have included precision electronic thermometers, current clamp meters, voltmeters, ammeters and frequency meters, however, in recent years the company's focus has been on its popular analogue and digital multimeter devices. Designed to offer maximum functionality within a portable, compact and ergonomic unit, ICE Italy analogue and digital multimeters can be used to test electronic components such as transistors or diodes, or as a continuity tester. Alternative manufacturers of similar devices include Chauvin Arnoux, Gossen Metrawatt, Metrix and PeakTech.


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