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The Honeywell Heating Specialty Company was founded in Indiana, USA, in 1906 – though some of its original patents date back as far as 1885. This brought Mark Honeywell’s mercury seal generator to the market and began the history of what would become a future multinational corporation. Today, Honeywell activities are broken down into three commercial divisions: aerospace, automation and control, and performance materials and technologies. Many Honeywell products can be readily supplied from stock, with sensor, switching and control circuits always in demand. Sensors are widely used for industrial automation and medical purposes and common types available include current sensors, opto-electronic level sensors, reed and hall-effect sensors, pressure and flow sensors, and ultrasonic sensors for sophisticated object detection. Switching components include limit, snap action, pressure and toggle switch types to match all common industrial specifications. Analogue control circuits and industrial relays are also available with many supplied as integrated plug-in or DIN-rail components. In addition, a range of Honeywell fixed and handheld laser scanners can be supplied to meet a variety of specifications, for instance offering omni-directional, area-imaging, or single-line modes of scanning operation.


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