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A Japanese company, Hirose Electrical Company Ltd is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of electrical connectors. Founded in 1937, Hirose started to export its product ranges from 1968 and now achieves most of its revenue from overseas markets. The business is well-regarded for its flexible printed circuits, which are primarily used in smartphones applications and that make their way into a number of manufacturer's products. Hirose has built up a substantial number of bases across the globe, including China, Singapore and North America. In Europe, Hirose has its regional headquarters in the Netherlands, but it also maintains a presence in the UK, France and other countries. The business has had ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for electrical testing since 2004 and is also ISO 9001 compliant. As well as some tools and sensor technologies, Hirose makes many types of electrical connecting products. These include circular connectors, RF and other types of coaxial connectors, fibre optic connectors and jack-to-plug connectors, such as RJ11s and RJ45s. As well as a number of connectors designed for multipole power distribution, Hirose produces a range of electrical connectors that are designed specifically for the automotive industry.


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