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Hioki specialise in the manufacture of electrical measuring equipment, and have done so since their formation in 1935. Since then, Hioki have invested heavily in research and development, producing more sensitive and versatile measuring systems, able to encompass the needs of modern technologies. This singular aim has allowed them to develop a wide range of specialist measuring instruments, designed for the electrical and electronics industry. As well as simple instruments such as the current clamp meter and non-contact voltage meter, Hioki manufacture a number of data logging solutions that can measure up to ten analogue inputs for voltage and temperature, along with pulse counting facilities. It offers real-time recording with a 10ms sampling rate for rapidly changing environments. Hioki also produce LCR measuring bridges, insulation testers and ohmmeter solutions for all branches of the industry. There is a range of connection cables, adaptors and interfaces available for facilitating connection to any existing industrial environment. Soft cases for instrument protection can be ordered separately.


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