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With headquarters in Taiwan, Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd is a leading solution provider for display mounting equipment. As well as its IT mounting systems, Highgrade produces a number of vandal-resistant and security mounting solutions. Their systems' major applications are to be found in the medical and healthcare sectors, as well as IT. However, Highgrade is best known for producing ergonomically designed mounting systems for display equipment for the healthcare sector. A number of their products offer ergonomic assistance for individuals, allowing many users with limited mobility to fully access display technologies. For example, their product range includes easily-moved cantilevered arms that hold modules for patients to access infotainment. These products are frequently found in hospital and daycare centres. They also design sitting/standing desk mounted workstation systems for the workplace, so that users can alter their position relative to a laptop PC without suffering from strain. Many of their products, therefore, fall into the category of accessories for IT equipment such as eReaders and tablets. Some are used to secure such devices against theft so they are locked in place, but still available for the public to use.


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