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Based in Germany, Gude is a manufacturer of many innovative IT products that are used in a wide variety of settings, from home offices and local area networks to data centres and larger, industrial applications. With over 25 years' worth of experience in the server market, many of its products are found in professionally designed server rooms. Among its widespread product ranges are a number of interface protection system products and converters, for example, its USB to video conversion jacks. Gude also manufactures a number of highly regarded I/O servers and print servers, as well as many accessories that go with them, such as its temperature and humidity sensors that are designed to make sure that server equipment runs in the most optimised conditions possible. Among its other products, Gude makes a number of expert power control devices, which offer many inputs and are highly configurable. Its power distribution units, or PDUs, are switched, metered, or switched and metered. The company also produces a transfer switch PDU and a number of isolators, under its Opto Bridge marque.


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