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Founded in Bologna, GT Line has been manufacturing professional, high-quality tool cases for over 45 years. The combination of innovative design and smart solutions has made GT Line the preferred choice of many professional engineers, DIY enthusiasts and users of mobile computing devices. Their range of durable cases can cater for the vast majority of industries needing to transport delicate equipment to work or site. GT Line also supply general purpose tool cases in different sizes - made from thick ABS and fitted with locks, they are able to cater for a wide selection of industrial needs. A range of more specialist cases is also available, which are high and low temperature resistant. These can be specified with wheels and telescopic handles. GT Line also produce more industry-specific carrying cases, e.g. for safely transporting notebooks and other delicate instruments, as well as completely watertight models, featuring internal slots for panel mounts and pressure release valves, for carrying sensitive equipment.


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