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Greenlee Communications specialise in testing and measuring equipment for the telecoms and IT infrastructure industry. Their expertise has seen them develop and expand to provide support for the development, installation and maintenance of wireless, DSL, cable and fibre-optic solutions, serving customers across the world. The communications industry requires purpose-built equipment, and Greenlee manufacture specific tools for the job, such as cable testers that determine the correct wiring for systems such as Ethernet and Token Ring networks, filtered tone and fibre probes used for cable identification over extended lengths, and LAN toners for use on networks and telephone systems. Weather-resistant test telephones are also available from Greenlee, along with a selection of hand tools, such as twisted-pair cable strippers and punchdown tools. Consumables such as blades can also be ordered. Greenlee’s specialist knowledge and innovative design in the field ensures that technicians have the best quality equipment from an established leader in the communications industry.


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