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Launched as a family business in 1956 in the Black Forest district of Germany, Grässlin began by assembling clockwork components. The company created its first hour counter in 1957, and then a basic time switch in 1964. Many other prototypes followed and today Grässlin manufactures a world-renowned series of products that include not only time switching technologies but also light and temperature control solutions. Grässlin’s designers continue to develop practical, market-oriented products that focus on energy management issues. Such innovations include the use of motion sensors to activate lighting controls, and wireless data transfers to set, interrogate and update programmable switches. Grässlin timers, thermostats and lighting controls are available from stock. Clock relays can be digital, mechanical or electromechanical, and support switch intervals from 1 second up to 2 hours, with day/week programmes and 20 - 100 memory instances. These timer products are supplied as plug-in units, clock modules or DIN-rail assembly components, with a typical switching current of 16A. Lighting control products include programmable staircase-lighting controllers, and sensor-controlled twilight switches. Temperature regulators are also available, with a typical large-display room thermostat accommodating up to 48 time/temperature changes.


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