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Founded in Hong Kong in 1991, the Gold Peak Group has undergone a rapid expansion programme to become a major global manufacturer. With twenty-five years' experience of manufacturing OEM and retail batteries, the company has production facilities in the Far East and sales operations throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. It has also won environmental awards for cleaner production of primary batteries, rechargeable cells and speciality battery packs using differing chemistries – lithium, alkaline, rechargeable NiMH cells, silver oxide and carbon zinc. These are suitable for diverse applications including photography, watches, alarm systems, hearing aids and smoke detectors, as well as standard portable electronic devices. Gold Peak also produce compatible chargers for their nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, Gold Peak Ultra batteries have an alkaline chemistry and are designed for single use in devices that require higher current drain, such as toys, torches and audio players. Offering superior protection against leaks, alkaline Ultra batteries have a seven-year shelf life. Organisations that consume batteries regularly, such as medical centres, hospitals, schools, police stations and hotels will find multiple battery packs very cost-effective.


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