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GoPro Incorporated is a technology firm, started in 2002 by Nick Woodman. Based in the United States, GoPro manufactures a number of action camera products that bear the GoPro brand. Alongside this hardware, the company has developed a number of mobile apps and video editing software products, designed specifically to work with its video cameras. Originally begun at Woodman Labs, the GoPro brand was developed to connect to the emerging sport image capturing sector. One of the first cameras to be aimed at this market was the GoPro 35mm Hero, which was released in September 2004. Two years later, the company introduced its first Digital Hero product. As well as its digital cameras, GoPro make a number of camera accessories, such as a three-way suction cup mounting system, designed to keep the camera steady no matter how much the user is moving about. It also makes stands, chest harnesses, flexible clamps, dog harnesses and water-resistant mountings for surfers. The company has developed quick release mechanisms, which can be found in items such as its headband mountings. GoPro has also moved into quadcopter technologies and in 2015, the business announced a six-camera product that will orientate the images like the sides of a cube, to allow for 360° panoramic videos to be shot.


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