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US company Gems Sensors & Controls was first launched in 1955 by Edward Moore and Gordon Seigle. Scoring an early success with a bilge switch for marine applications, Gems has since gathered more than six decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of application engineered sensors commonly used in industrial process automation. Specialising in liquid level, flow and pressure switches, Gems also produces level, flow and pressure sensors, proximity switches, solenoid valves, fluidic systems and more. These products are supplied to a broad range of industries, which includes medical science, oil and gas, marine and shipboard services, and water/wastewater processing. Gems products held in stock include pressure sensors for detecting either gauge or absolute pressures up to a maximum of 600 bar. These provide analogue or digital outputs, have operating voltages typically ranging from 8 – 30VDC, and electrical connection usually via DIN 43650 or M12 plugs. Flow sensors can also be supplied with operating pressures commonly in the 3.4 -8.6 bar range, and connection most often via cable, DIN plug or spade terminal. Gems level sensors mostly include an integral connecting lead, and output voltage data via either reed or normally open/closed contacts. Typical current consumption is 18 mA and operating temperature is within a recommended range from -40 C up to as much as 150 C.


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