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A Japanese multinational corporation primarily engaged with the production of computer hardware and equipment as well as IT services and related products, Fujitsu is a company that has traded for over eight decades. Among its most popular product lines is its office equipment range, including devices such as scanners, printers and copiers, many of which can be integrated with a local computer network. Fujitsu is split into several different operation divisions, within which it employs in the region of 150,000 staff. Along with consumable products designed for the office and consumer markets, such as ink ribbons and labelling machine accessories, Fujitsu makes products destined for specialist applications. These include its bar code scanning technologies that are used in retail and warehouse environments. The company also manufacturers electronic components that can be applied in a number of ways, such as its PCB power relays and signal relays, for example. Fujitsu has also produced its own line of personal computers, often available in the form of laptops and tower PCs. Among the accessories that go with these products are Fujitsu's well-regarded monitor displays.


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