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The innovative Fischertechnik micro-engineering concept was developed by Professor Artur Fischer and first released in 1965. Still manufactured in Waldachtal-Tumlingen, this series of technical construction kits based on a building block system was originally designed to inspire children as future machine builders, technicians or engineers. Its motivational features promote hand/eye coordination and develop motor skills and spatial understanding, while also promoting logical thinking, offering a basic understanding of technology and facilitating the development of creative play. The award-winning Fischertechnik system also attracts interest from schools, universities and industry, where Fischertechnik products are employed for simulation, training and demonstration purposes. Numerous basic kits address and explore technological concepts such as automation and robotics, pneumatics, solar power and 3D printing, and Fischertechnik products also allow sophisticated interaction and control via motors, sensors and computer interfaces. A typical technical construction kit – for instance, a bridge-building project – offers multi-lingual access (English, French and German) and all necessary components including a gearbox and planetary gears. The finished product can then be powered by adding a battery pack and microcontroller.


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