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With bases of operation in the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Hungary, Feller is an Austrian company that has its headquarters in Günselsdorf. As a manufacturer that is most commonly associated with power cords, the business is also engaged with other areas of production, including packaging, labelling systems and strain relief products for cables. As well as its standard product offering, Feller make bespoke and custom length cords. Many of its power cords are designed for outside use and it makes accessories for devices such as blowers, for example. However, Feller is probably best known for its indoor computer and power cable products. These include cords that are fitted with grounded as well as ungrounded plugs, depending on the application. Feller also makes both grounded and ungrounded connectors for use with both European and North American power supplies. Many of its power cords are made in-line, but some have 90-degree turns, which means they are ideal for use in situations where a limited amount of space is available. The company also manufactures a wide selection of flexible cords, many with moulded ends.


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