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A German business with bases of operation in the Czech Republic and the United States, FCT is a Molex company. Founded in 1972, FCT originally focussed on making connectors for the aviation industry. Today, it manufactures a wide number of hoods, connectors, contacts, tools and adapters that are widely used in a variety of industrial sectors. The business has a number of quality ISO accreditations to its name and is also certified ISO 14001 for its environmental management policies. FCT is well-regarded for its range of D-Sub connectors and accessories. These range from high density D-Sub connectors to D-Sub field bus connectors. It also designs and manufactures a number of D-Sub connectors with hybrid contacts, which are available with a huge variety of signal contacts. FCT is also a maker of numerous types of crimp contacts, such as its pin and socket crimp contact products. Some are designed to work in-line while others offer a right-angled turn so that they can used in multiple ways by electrical engineers. FCT also produces a selection of steel-free connectors and those without any magnetic properties for specialist applications. The company is also a leading maker of uTCA power connectors.


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