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Now a company with a global presence in high-quality tool making, Facom was originally a French company based in Paris. It gained ISO 9002 certification in the early 1990s and it has a number of European production facilities that are designed for short-run production in order to meet customer demands as flexibly as possible. The business manufactures its products with a number of specialist techniques, including cold forging, hot forging, machining, thermal treatment processes and plastic injection. Facom's product range is diverse and includes highly engineered hand tools, such as its insulated slim-blade screwdrivers and hexagonal keys. In addition, the company makes striking tools, pliers, wrenches and spanners. Facom is also a producer of hand saws and other cutting tools. The business has a line of tool sets that offer a wide range of commonly needed engineering equipment as well as a number of organisers designed for creating rational tool storage systems. In terms of power tools, Facom makes cordless drills and electronic torque screwdrivers. With a history of involvement in motor sport, its product ranges are split into two groups: automotive and industrial.


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