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Operating since the early 1980s, Eurostat is a pioneer in the field of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. The company is based in France and has a direct presence in seven European countries. Furthermore, it boasts a global presence that takes in Asia and the United States as a member of the Dou Yee Group. With a vertically-integrated production facility in Poland, Eurostat manufactures a wide range of processes including raw material extrusion, vacuum forming systems, flexible packaging manufacturing and a number of secondary operations designed for bespoke packaging solutions. The company has a great deal of experience with the production of thermoplastic extrusions and Eurostat has engineered some of its own compounds for this exact purpose. The business has been ISO 9001 certificated for more than a decade. Making products as diverse as cleaning accessories, instrumentation and ionisation devices, earthing mats and personal equipment such as clean room lab coats and ESD gloves, its products are frequently rated to pass IEC 61340-5-1, ensuring they are safe for ESD working environments. In addition, the company's range of products is fully compliant with the European Union's REACH regulations.


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