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E-T-A is a company that was formed in 1948 near Nuremburg, Germany, as a manufacturer of circuit breakers. Today, this family-owned business designs and manufactures specialised circuit breakers and power management equipment for the aerospace, automotive, transport, domestic and engineering industries. The company's primary strategy is a commitment to manufacturing to the highest standards of safety and reliability, underscored by a commitment to zero defects. All E-T-A's products have EU and American approvals as well as ISO 9001 certification for its quality management systems. Typical of the company's products is its range of high breaking capacity appliance circuit breakers rated for 0.5 amps through to 25 amps for both AC and DC operation. Depending upon the application, thermal or thermal-magnetic breakers can be supplied. A comprehensive range of automotive circuit breakers is manufactured that are designed for fitment in standard automotive fuse blocks and with current ratings between 6 and 25 amps at 32 volts DC. The company's push-to-reset miniaturised single pole safety switches are designed for the protection of transformers, solenoids and printed circuit boards for small appliances, caravans and marine applications.


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