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For over three decades, eQ-3 Group has evolved from a technology pioneer to one of the leaders in home automation and control systems in Europe. Based in Germany, the eQ-3 brand is built around innovation and product development that takes in a diverse range of technologies. In the field of building automation, for instance, the company has utilised wireless technology and mechatronics in a number of its domestic systems and devices, including its electronic thermostats designed for home central heating systems. A core expertise of the company is its development of battery optimisation to improve the communication between multiple battery-powered wireless units around the home. Employing in the region of 1,000 staff in product research and production, eQ-3 has an accreditation for quality under ISO 9001: 2000 and its Chinese plant also conforms to the environmental management standard ISO 14001. Among its most popular consumer products are its control units and remote switching systems, which can be used for anything from security to smoke detection. A number of software solutions and mobile-friendly apps have been developed by eQ-3 to go with its home integration and other smart products.


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