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A subsidiary of Energizer Holdings, a public limited company based in Missouri, USA, Energizer is a well-known brand of consumer and professional-use batteries. Previously known as the Eveready Battery Company, Energizer has developed many battery innovations and frequently utilised emerging technologies into widely available consumer batteries. In addition to their portable power devices, Energizer make transportable and handheld lighting products, in the form of torches. As well as developing more ecologically-friendly battery systems, the company manufactures a wide range of rechargeable battery systems. It has a number of recharging products, which provide for differing charging needs from mains power, with pricing usually reflected in the amount of time it takes to achieve a full recharge. Among Energizer's lighting products are those that are designed for the outdoors, the DIY and the everyday use markets. Besides standard battery sizes such as AA and AAA, which are designed for many consumer products, Energizer produces a number of button cell batteries and miniature hearing aid batteries. Their batteries are also often used for powering smartphones and mobile phones.


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