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Emerson Network Power, a subsidiary of the Emerson group of companies, which includes brands such as Knurr and ASCO, is one of the world’s leading critical infrastructure technology specialists. Its products are designed to improve the lifecycle services of many information and telecommunications technology systems. A maker of both hardware and software systems, its products are primarily to be found in power management and infrastructure delivery installations. Among its consumer and small office products are uninterruptable power supply devices. Such UPS systems are rated by their wattage and will deliver power, in the event of an outage, from about 300W to 900W, depending on the model. Emerson is involved in the design and delivery of both AC and DC systems, and provides power surge protection devices, racks, monitoring equipment, fire pump controllers and infrastructure management solutions. Among its power switching product range are a number of industrial control systems as well as units such as specialist transfer switchboards. Emerson is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has in the region of 20,000 employees in locations all over the globe.


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