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Elmwood Sensors are located in the north of England. The company is now owned by Honeywell, and its products are distributed under the Honeywell brand. It manufactures heat sensors for numerous applications and is ISO 9001 certified. Elmwood Sensors produces a wide range of protective thermostats intended for fitting to electrical appliances with the purpose of disconnecting the supply once the trip temperature is reached. Units are designed for AC operation and most have a maximum current carrying capability of 10 amps. The range of operating temperatures varies from 13 °C right up to 140 °C, and the line includes thermostats with different sensing tolerances. These thermostats will reset once the device cools. The company also manufactures a range of thermal fuses, or thermal cut-offs as they are often called, that will blow once a preset temperature has been reached. Although both types of device are designed as safety devices for consumer equipment, the key difference between thermostats and thermal cut-off fuses is that thermostats, or thermal switches, can be reset, while once a thermal fuse operates, it must be replaced.


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